Thursday, March 13, 2014

The best darn cookies in the mid-west.

This morning we were supposed to go to the bouncy house place for a play date.  But AW just could not get his act together.  I kept trying to get him ready, and he kept resisting.  10 AM rolled around and I still had not managed to get AW dressed and DW was overdue for a nap, so I had to put him down.  I figured we would just go once DW woke up, which usually isn't long because he is still not so good at the napping thing (though we are working on it).

I then managed to get AW dressed but he wanted to go out on the porch to watch the construction and by the time 11 AM snuck up on us he still did not want to go and I had given up at this point since we were an hour behind.

We ate an early lunch and had some time to kill before nap.  By now it was 12 PM and I really wanted to get out of the house so I suggested going to get a cookie at the local sweet shop.  I have been thinking about this cookie place for a week now and it was high time we took another trip there.  AW said no.  So I asked him what he wanted to do.  He says, "go bounce?"  I sighed huffily at this point.  "Why didn't you want to go to the bounce place three hours ago?!  And what kid says no to getting cookies?!" I scream in my very tired brain.

Then he accidentally hits me with a toy and I just decided we were getting cookies whether he liked it or not. I was done asking. I was braving a possible tantrum meltdown for some delicious cookies.  It was a worthy trade off at this point.

We got to the cookie shop and everyone was magically happy now.  AW got to pick out a green St. Patrick's Day cookie and the the ladies at the shop adored him.  AW did nothing exceptionally good today and he pushed a lot of my buttons, but it was all washed away as we sat in the cookie shop together and I watched the simple joy of my kid enjoying some sugar.  It was a happy ten minutes.

We left happy and excited.  And then AW crumbled the remainder of his cookie all over the car seat on the way home.  Sigh.  

But, alas, I got some cookies to take home.  So it was worth it.
These are seriously the most delicious cookies I've ever had.  I don't know that they will make it through the night.  I think we really need to go to the cookie shop more often.

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