Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Paw Patrol.

I like Paw Patrol.  I do.  Adorable puppies driving rescue vehicles.  What more could a toddler boy want from a television program? Pure genius. It is a much, much, much more tolerable show than some of the others AW has been hooked on in the past. But this show MUST have some kind of hypnotic subliminal messaging in it. I am convinced. AW always wants more Paw Patrol.  More Paw Patrol.  More Paw Patrol.  Even when he is watching more Paw Patrol he wants more Paw Patrol. Even when I am sure he is not even paying attention to the TV anymore, as soon as an episode ends he says, "More 'taw 'tol?"

He just can't seem to resist the siren song of Paw Patrol.  And now that I'm thinking about it, if HW and I can't stop singing the theme songs in our heads all day long, just what is this doing to our under-developed toddler's brain?  Hmmm....

I really try not to be the mom who has the TV on all day.  But when little brother is teething, it's -2 degrees out and we have been at zero chocolate status for two days...I give in.  He's safe and happy and his mind is being taken over by the hidden messaging of the executives at Nick JR.  It's all good.

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  1. This popped up when i literally google searched "paw patrol sublimal messages". Other people have wondered the same my 2 year old is the same way obssessed beyond normal. Even in her sleep i can hear her say paw patrol i just dont know what it is has to be something.they dont know whats going on in the show and the animation looks not much different from any other show so what is it that draws them so much? Im convinced there really has to be something.