Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sorry, carrots.

DW has his first tooth! I guess this could be in part why the little guy was in such misery the past few days. I guess I owe carrots a little bit of an apology.  I am still mad at them, but perhaps they were not all to blame. I tried getting a picture of his new little tooth bud but he kept sticking his tongue out.
He has been a much happier boy today and did great sleeping. And he's already chewing on some cookie dough!
Yum.  AW is preparing eggs with maple syrup for his little bro.

He is very serious about his cooking.  It's been a long weekend at Ft. Nonsense and now I'm just looking forward to a quiet evening of blood sucking zombie killing on The Walking Dead.  Yes, I'm aware it's also Oscar night, but face it, I'm a mom with no babysitter and I haven't seen the inside of a movie theater since 2012 so I have no business caring who is going to win best picture.

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