Thursday, March 6, 2014

MVGC strikes again.

She vomits a lot;  this is normal.

This is what I wrote under "Pets - Millie (Cat)" in our babysitter instructions.

And this is what happened the other night as I was trying to put the boys to sleep:

HW was busy that night so I was on my own. DW was really overtired so I was hoping to get him to sleep first, but it's hard when your toddler keeps coming into the room and "whispering" things to you.

So there I was sitting in the glider chair in DW's room in the dark trying to get him to fall asleep and the door pushes open. MVGC pokes her head in. She stares at me. She steps into the room. She pukes on the floor.  She stares at me. She exits. End scene.

A few moments later AW pokes his head into the room. I say in my loudest whisper (because DW is so close to falling asleep at this moment). "Don't come in, Millie..." and that is when AW enters the room. He steps in the cat puke. He begins shouting and hopping around because stepping in cat puke is gross.

You are my list, Millie. Watch yourself.

And no, you can't watch Paw Patrol. Put the remote down.

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