Thursday, March 20, 2014

Come and knock on our door.

One of the cute things about living on a military installation - you get to have your name on your door.  This way everyone knows who lives there and can properly avoid them...or at least put a name to their silent judging of taste in outdoor decor as they stroll by.  (Yes, that's me silently judging you if you still have a Christmas wreath out on the first day of spring.  You know who you are.  Take it down for the love of "the person we celebrate on Christmas."  Which is in December.  Which was three months ago.)

While we were out at the maintenance office the other day we picked up some letters from the housing office for our front door.  No one else in our unit has their names up but I think it's nice and makes things more neighborly.

AW liked calling out the letters as he slid them into the door slot.  He pronounces "W" as "dub hoo."  It's really the cutest.

Looks good, AW!  Now if only those rascally kids next door would stop messing with them.  Yes, I'm watching for you, kids.  And don't think I won't catch you.  Perhaps that's why no one else has their name on the door....hmmm....

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