Saturday, March 8, 2014

Missing something.

A few days ago we went to one of those large inflatable bounce house places they have where kids can jump around and be crazy.  I was meeting a few other moms there and in classic AW fashion he was needy, whiny, and in a general distemper the first hour and a half we were there (there was this preposterous chicken nugget-related meltdown incident in which the child became completely unhinged that I care not to relive on this blog as it already haunts my nightmares).  And then magically something in the universe shifted and he was having the time of his life - a half an hour before we had to leave.  He had so much fun he passed right out during Paw Patrol when we got home.
Bounce house success.

And then two days later you are washing hands at the sink and realize that the wristband for the bounce place is still on your child...
and you really have no excuse as to why this has gone unnoticed until now.

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