Monday, March 24, 2014

I like touching everything and sticking it in my mouth.

DW is seven months old today!  And he's still not sleeping through the night!  (Sad face.)

Anyway, what do babies do at seven months old, you ask?  They roll.  A lot.  They touch things.  A lot.  They stick things in their mouths.  A lot.

Nothing is safe.  You are holding a hot cup of coffee?  His hand is in it.  You have an important document in your hand?  It's crumpled and shoved in his mouth.  You left an open 2 lb bag of cat food next to the changing table?  It's now spilled all over the diapers, the baby and the floor.  You are trying to text on your iPhone?  He is chewing it. The cat wanders past him?  He now has two fistfuls of fur.  You have an envelope to mail and you thought it was safe to put in his lap in the infant carrier while you waited in line at the post office?  He bit a corner off of it (sorry to my babci, your letter was half eaten).  You have nothing in your hands?  Then he's going for the face.

It really is a fun age.  Everything is full of baby slobber and no one around here seems to mind.

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