Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Welcome to my story.  I'm glad to have you following along.

Professor Bhaer tells Jo March to write "what you know."  So she does and finds success.  I struggled for years to find my story.  I have a yellow, curling writing degree and three 200 page unfinished novels strewn along old flash drives with no direction, where nothing happens, my poor characters treading water with no life preservers on the way.  Self-doubt and timidity rusting my typing joints. Somewhere in the last few years life started happening.  My husband happened, the Army happened, and my children happened.

So here I am now.  This is what I know: 1 am feedings, 3 am feedings, 6 am feedings.  Sticky hands, spilled milk.  Play date mornings, park afternoons.  Tantrums and timeout.  Caillou cartoons and chocolate binges. Ring slings, strollers, car seat safety, baby led weaning and myriad of other mom-things.

I also know being lost in the world of my children, parenting alone because the "job" comes first, struggling to find a balance for us all.  Anger management and patience and "daddy will be home soon."

Connecting distances and map dots of displaced friends.  Endings and beginnings and pauses amid a background of constant change - a new station, a new unit, a looming deployment, a new child on the way. A missed funeral, a missed wedding, more birthdays and the constant disconnecting from your old home. Moving sight unseen into little pockets of the world and building our own little fort of nonsense with walls to keep the happiness in. And inviting in strangers who become family along the way.

This is my world and I'd like to share it and hope to have a lot of laughs along the way.  So let it begin.

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  1. You are an excellent writer. Can't wait to see what else you have to say!