Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mastering the mom-cut.

As a stay at home mom you have to wear many hats - banker, cook, maid, secretary.   Sometimes you even get to play barber.  

Want to know the secrets of giving a great at-home haircut to your kids?  First, go out and get yourself a cute kids size hair clipper like this:

Then, put that in a drawer until they are seven. Because at two, it will make them cry. Next step:  just go get some hair scissors and a comb.  

I like to cut AW's hair in the bath.  Easy clean up.  Here's a tip:  don't get the hair wet.  It will just confuse you.  Take some hair in the comb and then grab a section and pull up between your index and middle fingers to make a clean even cut.  As you begin to cut your toddler will turn their head.   Do not get discouraged.  Just keep cutting.  There will be moments where you will doubt you are doing it correctly.  And rest assured, you are not.  

Before you know it you will have an awesome hair cut like this to show off to all your mom friends.  And you can say proudly, "I did it all by myself!"

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