Thursday, February 27, 2014

100% maple awesome.

AW reminds me of a little elf sometimes.  He's small. He's cute. He has lots of energy. He looks good in striped leggings. And here is another reason...he now prefers his breakfasts completely doused in maple syrup.

The similarities here are uncanny:
 See how he's keeping tabs on that syrup?  He's not letting it out of his reach.

First, it was just the breakfast sausage.  Sure, no big deal. But then one morning, he asked for it on his eggs.  So, being tired and just wanting to drink my coffee in peace, I obliged.  And guess what?  He ate all the eggs on his plate and actually ASKED FOR MORE.  It was a breakthrough.

See this beautiful breakfast I made?  Let's make it even better...
There we go.  Now it's edible!

What is a mom to do when your two year old spits out the phrase "mo' see'up peeeeeaaaaaaasssseee, mom?"  You give your adorable child as much syrup as his little heart desires.

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