Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sleep troubles.

Things have been a bit off kilter this week and I just haven't found the time to sit down and gather my thoughts.  Mainly because of this guy.  Remember him?

Isn't he cute?  Good ol' DW. He will turn six months old tomorrow!  Where has the time gone?  My sweet, perfect boy, who has been having a major "going to bed and staying asleep" issue this week.

Life around here gets a bit hectic.  And usually the first person who loses out is the happy-go-lucky baby. DW really has no set schedule so we rarely work around his napping needs.  Some days, I hate to say it, but the poor kid doesn't get more than 20 minutes sleep because we are so busy running around.  He's such a happy baby during the day that if he misses out on sleep he doesn't show it...until bedtime, of course.  And then this is the riveting drama I spend my evenings glued to:
We just can't seem to find the magic solution to his sleep issues.  He really makes no logical sense. I figured since he wasn't napping a lot during the day, I would try an earlier bedtime. Yeah, no.  Earlier bedtime just led to being wide awake at 9PM...which led to this:  
 Up watching the Olympics with mom instead of sleeping.  
He was transfixed by the Nancy Kerrigan/ Tonya Harding story. 

Figure skating is pretty awesome, so I couldn't deny him watching a bit. 

Being a second time mom here, I know everything there is to know about infant sleep.  But... I still can't seem to harness that information into anything useable that works for my kids.  I'm just over here messing it all up.  Kid #1 is never just like kid #2.  

I am having a tough time observing a real pattern with his sleep. At least not one my battered mom brain can figure out.  Sometimes he needs to nurse to sleep, sometimes he needs to fall asleep on his own, sometimes he likes his magical seahorse, sometimes it only makes him cry more, sometimes he likes to roll onto his tummy, sometimes he screams for me to roll him back over, sometimes he goes to bed fine at 6:30, sometimes he doesn't seem to want to settle down until 9 PM, sometimes he's up either just a few times, sometimes he wakes every hour.  I just can't figure the little bugger out.  I kind of realize his problem is that he has no real schedule during the day and maybe we should start figuring one out.  And let's all cross our fingers tonight is the night he will magically learn to Sleep Through The Night.

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