Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My characters.

The inhabitants of Fort Nonsense:

We are going to use initials here and we are going to have fun with them.

1.  AW (pronounced a-dubs) is my two year old.  Smart, handsome, completely self-centered and more than mildly insane.  He loves reading, pretending to be a cat, playing Cars and talking on the phone.

2.  DW (d-dubya) is my almost (gasp) six month old.  He is all smiles and sweetness.  He likes drooling, losing his socks and keeping me up all night.

3.  HW (hub-dubs or hubya-dubya, whichever you prefer).  He is a really busy guy and has no time for pictures or hobbies. 

4.  MVGC (short for Millie Von Glitterclaws). No, we are not those sort of people who give their own last name to their pets.  That would just be silly.  That would also mean that she is part of our family.  She's not one of us.  She is a hot mess of fur all unto herself.  She loves puking and napping.

5.  ...and then there's me.  I like Downton Abbey, wine, chocolate and using Instagram to make myself look Lo-Fi.

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