Thursday, February 13, 2014

Toddler gym time.

Today was AW's first toddler gym class.  So exciting, right?  Good news - he LOVED it.  Bad news - I've got that kid.  You know, THAT kid who doesn't listen or follow directions, exploring wildly through the place as if it was the first time we've introduced him to the outside world.  Here he is trying to eat a bubble:

The teacher started the class with some cute floor warm-up exercises.  All the good little boys and girls sat with their moms and attempted to follow along with the stretches. And I sat alone as AW sprung around the mat like a cracked up maniac.  I think sometimes he is composed of pure rubber. Then we did some obstacle courses and he just could not get the concept of following and taking turns.  They do learn to listen and follow directions at some point, right? 

Second bit of bad news - he's terrible at gymnastics.  His forward roll was disastrous, he kept falling off the balance beam and he could not, literally, grasp the concept of the bar.  
But I can still dream that one day he will be a future Olympian, right?  Stick that landing little buddy!

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  1. It's like we have twins. E has no concept of direction either. Someday they may listen, or maybe they will end up being wonderful men with ideas that change the world!!