Monday, April 7, 2014

A trip to the museum.

Well! It's been a while. I bet you thought I forgot all about this blog.  I totally did.  Ha ha. Just kidding. I have been working on another writing project the last two weeks that has just eaten up what VERY little free time I already have...and then everyone started puking.

Yes, a puking toddler, infant and mom are really a bad trifecta of disgusting cleanups.  Good thing we have a great HW to help us out when we need him and a great washer and dryer to wash our stuff.

It all started, I believe, on this fateful trip to the local children's museum.  If you've never been to a children's museum they are just a fancy way of saying "here's a place to take your kids when you are tired of them messing up your own home. We built a bunch of rooms with toys that they can freak out in and then someone else has to clean it all up."  But you don't feel bad about taking them to these places because it's called a "museum" so it's "educational."

Here's AW in the room with the balls.  Seriously, it was just a room with a ton of golf balls and things to throw the golf balls down.
Here he is with his pal on a Lego Submarine re-enacting scenes from The Hunt for Red October. 
 Take those Russians down, kids.
And here is Andy playing veterinarian receptionist.  He is very good at making appointments, keeping callers on hold, and watching your baby that you left on the counter, too.  Good multitasking skills.

 And this is probably right about where he picked up puking disease:
It's really a calculated risk taking your kids out in public.  You know your kid likes to lick weird things.  You know other kids like to lick weird things.  You know diseases spread through licking things.  But you can't keep them locked up at home all the time, you just have to take your chances out there.

A few days after the museum AW started puking.  Just when we thought it was all over DW started puking.  And then I started puking.  And then AW started puking again.  It was a cute little puking ring around the rosie game.

But now we are better, yay!  (cross your fingers that we are all better.  DO IT. because I can't take any more puking.)

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