Sunday, April 13, 2014

Fashionable guy.

Spring is officially here.  The weather has been gorgeous and warm this week.  But, someone hasn't gotten the memo.

 I guess I was a really good mom all winter and drilled it into this kid's head that he needed a hat, coat and gloves every time we left the house.  So now that it's warm out, AW is the one telling me that he can't go outside without his gear.  I was able to convince him to go sans jacket on this day, but he insisted on hat and gloves.  He didn't want to hear that it was 70 degrees.
And he played at the park like that for a good half an hour before deciding to take them off.  A great thing about being two years old - no one side-eyes you when you're wearing winter clothes in April.  They actually think it's kinda cute.

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