Monday, April 28, 2014

Black Beauty.

Our apartment building on post has seen a lot of tenants over the years, no doubt.  The residents of our buildings are only here for a one year course so people are moving in and out every six months on a rotating schedule.  We all share the same community lawn space and with so many people coming and going, no one really knows who's stuff is who's and what belongs where.  There are no less than five satellite dishes on our front lawn, and there are only four families in our building, and we use cable, so that leaves at least two extraneous dishes that will probably just sit there until someone complains to housing to remove them.  (not it.)

I'm always finding random things strewn about our lawn...mostly from the neighbor's kids.  I just ignore the items most of the time and they disappear again.  Sometimes I arbitrarily accuse the kids next door of leaving their socks on the front porch...and then I realize they are my own kid's socks (that DW loves losing his socks).  

On the side of our building there is this random horse.

I don't know how long it's actually been here. Her name is Black Beauty.  AW wishes he could ride her.
But she's kinda broken.  So I told her he can feed her dandelions instead.  He doesn't want to feed her dandelions though.  He wants to feed her handfuls of dirt.
Here you go, horsey.  Yummy yum.
I don't know who left ol' Black Beauty here.  Since she's broken, I guess I should haul her out to pasture, but we kind of like feeding her dirt, so we'll just let her be for now.  (Note to HW - AW still would like a real horse.  Hope you're working on that.)

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