Sunday, April 27, 2014

A quick Easter summary.

Ok.  Easter came and went and I, of course, am behind on updating the blog.  So here's a quick summary of our Easter. 

 The grandparents came to town.
They brought lots of candy and gifts to bribe the kids into liking them.  Here's a giant lollipop, AW.  Have some sticky, sugary fun!

We put some bunny ears on the kids.  

AW wasn't particularly happy about it.

We took them sightseeing.  Kansas City fountains.  

We forced the kids to sit next to the Easter bunny.  AW wouldn't let his death grip go on HW's shirt, so then we were all forced to sit next to the Easter bunny.

Saw a miniature pony in a store.  (He wouldn't look up from eating for the picture.)  
And tired those little guys out.
Then we perked them up with some chocolate, dressed them in matching outfits, took them to church  and let them hunt for eggs.  
Psst...the eggs are right here AW, let's get this show on the road so I can eat more of "your" chocolate...
And got a family photo out of it.  Where AW refused to look at the camera.
All in all a pretty darn good time.

It was great having family here to celebrate with...and the boys loved being completely spoiled.

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