Sunday, April 13, 2014

One thousand.

Fort Nonsense has hit 1000 page views today!  Break out the wine!

It can be a bit lonely out here in military-family-land. Far from family and friends, far from the familiar places of my own childhood and far from things that were past.  I watch life going on without us back home. I forget what normal is supposed to feel like. I make new friends and then leave them. I wonder where we are going next - feeling like a pin that is just randomly picked up off one portion of a map and then dropped down in another - abandoned in another new adventure.

HW's job is continually demanding.  Some days it feels like I am just slogging along waiting for his work to settle down for a moment so we can take a breath and enjoy where we are, but then something always seems to come up, and before I know it I look at the calendar and another half a year has gone by.  Time just keeps shoving us on and forward without much chance at looking back.

Having this blog to come to at the end of some very long days has been comforting. Knowing family and friends, or whoever, can get a peek at what we are doing somehow makes it less isolated.

Thank you all for visiting Fort Nonsense.  Thank you for reading our stories. As always, I would love to hear your comments.

Now, seriously, break out some wine!

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