Friday, September 5, 2014

Happy Birthday, DW!

Also, DW turned ONE YEAR OLD this summer.

So much about our family has changed from point A to point B since one year to the next.  Last summer we had just gotten settled into our home in Louisiana.  HW hadn't been home from deployment yet for even a year and was just getting the hang of being dad to an 20 month old.  And then bam we had two!  And then before we knew it we were moving again...getting settled into life in Kansas as a family of four...and now here we are just eight months in Kansas and already gearing up to move again in three short months.  Military life is really a whirlwind adventure and finding your footing as a new family can be tough when you are constantly changing locations and support systems.  But it's what makes our family us.  It's what makes us unique.

Here's our little DW on his "birth" day.

I know, it's so cliche to say how fast the first year of baby's life goes.  But I'll say it again.  It goes by fast.  Well, it does in a begin the year with this little squishy nobody and in the course of 12 months he becomes this sitting, crawling, walking, talking, laughing, hugging, kissing, adorable SOMEBODY.  Somebody you could never have dreamed you could live your life without.  So while a year of crying, no sleeping, rocking, bouncing, shushing, carrying, nursing, and holding can seem very, very long it is amazing how quickly your little baby changes...and your family just one year.
Love you little buddy!

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