Friday, September 5, 2014

Summer summary. (part one: June)

Well, folks, it was a busy summer here at Ft. Nonsense.  But summer's over and it's time to get back to writing!  I'll try to summarize the last three months for you quickly in the next three posts:

We took a road trip from Kansas to New Jersey with a stopover in PA.  Two and a half days of driving.  Just me and the boys.  No we are not insane.  We are a military family.  This is just par for the course for us.
The boys were actually really great for the trip. They slept 90% of the ride and did little to no crying.  Logistics were the difficult part.  Try checking yourself and two small children and several pounds of baggage (because you need EVERY toy, blanket, snack, and baby gear gadget in your arsenal to make it through the night) into a hotel with no help as the hotel clerk just stares at you from behind the very un-busy counter instead of lending you a hand.  Tip:  Find a luggage trolley and load everything, including the kids, onto it.  Don't worry about the weird looks you get.  

Whew!  We made it!  Now pack the kids all back into the car because you need to get dinner at the Cracker Barrel...

The long drive was worth it though because we arrived on the East Coast safe and sound. We had fun with grandparents spoiling the kids. 
We ate bagels.  Real bagels.  They only exist here.  So if you haven't eaten one in the NY/NJ area, I'm very, very sorry for you.
We had a dinosaur tea party. 
We went down the shore.  Which is what people from NJ say when they go to the beach.
We ate cotton candy on the boardwalk.
And real pizza.  Same deal as with the bagels. For having been born on the west coast, it's apparent that real pizza connoisseurship (yes, I think I made up that word) is handed down via genealogy not by birth location.  AW knows good pizza.
We got DW baptized.  He liked it, really, he did.
We saw lots of family and friends, ate lots of great food, and had a swell time.  Then hit the road again.
Back to the midwest!

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