Friday, September 5, 2014

Summer summary. (part two: July)

After our trip back east we stopped at a lake resort in Missouri for some "down" time.  Only...staying in a very small hotel room with a baby and a toddler after a very long two weeks already on the road is being locked in a room with two rabid, sleep-deprived, foaming-at-the-mouth escaped lab-experiment animals.  It was, in fact, the very opposite of this very peaceful picture of the sunset on the lake.
The resort was great for the kids though and they loved all the fun things to do.  We went to the pool.
Took a paddle boat out on the lake.  
DW fell right to sleep on the boat of course.  Couldn't do that in the hotel room though...
Went fishing.
Actually caught a fish, though we followed zero of the rules about fishing, actually, AW did the opposite of all the things one should do while fishing.  
Saw some lake creatures.
And enjoyed some 4th of July fireworks.

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