Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pool day.

If you are a fan of Paw Patrol, and I know you are, then you know there is an episode where the pups save a pool day.  AW of course has seen this episode many times.  And he talks about having a pool day fairly often.  So FINALLY, summer is upon us and the local pools have opened.  And we had a real pool day.

See this smile here?  This is AW's I'm really, really happy smile.  And as a mom, that smile is pretty much the best thing ever.
He had fun just going up and down the steps for a while.
Then he ventured off a bit.  The water was pretty frigid. But that wasn't stopping him.
Waiting for the lifeguards to give the all clear to go back in.
And here's DW lounging around waiting to be discovered to do the next sports illustrated swim suit cover.
We can't wait for our next pool day!

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