Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Assembly required. (part two)

What is the number one worst thing about having kids?  Assembling toys.  Seriously.  Though you just dropped $50 or $100 or $3,000 on a toy, you can not just enjoy the toy. Now you have to do work and put it together.

And what makes assembling toys even easier?  Having your two kids and your weird cat assisting you.

Confusing parts?  Check.

Drill that doesn't charge? Check.  (Note to HW: we need a new power drill.  Spoiler alert:  That shall be your father's day present.)
Child that refuses to get out of the car as you are trying to assemble it?  Check.
Two adults?  Err... 

Dear toy companies, I do not have a second adult to help me with assembly.  And getting halfway through the assembly and having the little two person symbol suddenly appear makes me very angry.  Perhaps you should specify earlier in the instructions this is a two man job.  Thanks.

I break the rules and attempt this two person maneuver with just one person.  It works.  Because I am amazing.
But then this happens.  I am not amazing.  

Later, HW saved the day and helped me get that hubcap on.

And we have a happy toddler.
DW was pretty excited about it too...we may need two cozy coupes in the very near future...

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