Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Assembly required. (part one)

All toddlers love cozy coupes.  So why, you ask, do we not own a cozy coupe?  Because they take up space.  And because we move a lot.  And because we have no garage.  And because AW has enough toys.

But our neighbors down the block have a cozy coupe.  And AW kept trying to carjack it.  

So to avoid more awkward moments with the kids down the block, I decided to take AW to Toys R Us to find him a cozy coupe. 

Since I am not completely familiar with the area I really have no idea where Toys R Us is located.  So I just typed it into my iPhone maps and picked the closest one that popped up.  So I drive there.  And find out it's not a Toys R Us. Yeah, THANKS A LOT STUPID LAME TOY STORE THAT IS NOT A TOYS R US FOR LISTING YOURSELF AS A TOYS R US ON IPHONE MAPS.  Now I have to drive two crying kids an extra 15 minutes down the road to the real Toys R Us.  Now I hate your store forever and will never shop there for anything.

Anyway.  We get to the REAL Toys R Us and look for the coupe.  So where does Toys R Us put the cozy coupes?  In the same aisle with all of these AMAZING battery powered dream cars that make the cozy coupe look like chopped liver.

And tricycles?  No one wants to see tricycles.

AW sat in all of them.  I had to break his little heart though and tell him his dream car was not in our budget.

I finally coaxed him out of the power cars and got him excited about the cozy coupe.
Thanks Toys R Us for making this experience not fun at all.  I thought I would have been a hero but now I'm begging this kid to say yes to a toy he once loved.  In the end he did get excited.  Whew. 

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