Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Trick or Treat!

Well, though it was a little bit of a slow start, our Halloween with the boys was a blast this year.  

AW was a police officer.

And DW was a criminal.
Book 'em, AW!

This is how our day went:

3:00 PM:  "Hey, AW, let's go get your costume on for Halloween!"
"My spider costume?!"
"Uh, no, your policeman costume."
"Oh.  No, thanks."
(thirty minutes of me convincing him to put on the costume)
4:00 PM:  drag family to local Halloween party at the housing office because it's 30 degrees out.  
4:01 PM: realize the party is being held outside in the parking lot.
4:02 PM: wish you had brought a heavier jacket.
4:03 PM: someone hands out some candy
4:05 PM: the first granules of sugar enter the children's bloodstream
4:15 PM:  halloween costume contest.  AW won for his age group! Woo hoo!  He could have cared less.  And what was the prize?  More candy...
Here's the winner posing on a fire truck.

5:15 PM: leave party cold and shivering while the children clutch ruthlessly to their gooey half eaten taffy bars as we shove them in the car
5:30 PM: try to convince them to eat real food instead of candy
6:00 PM: load the kiddos up in the cute wagon to go beg for candy from the neighbors

6:01 PM:  AW shyly makes his first trick or treat attempt.  He is too scared to say anything but is given candy to put in his bag.
6:07 PM:  AW makes his second trick or treat attempt.  He still can not say the words but realizes these strangely dressed people may look scary but they are putting candy in his halloween bag.
6:08 PM:  AW wildly and jubilantly races to the third house loudly shouting "Trick or Treat!  Happy Halloween!" because he realizes these people are giving him CANDY!!
6:09- 7:09 PM:  repeat of the same even throughout the neighborhood, at each house he became more and more excited to run up and get his treat.
7:10 PM:  We decide to stand on our porch and hand out candy.  AW assaults oncoming trick or treaters by running up to them with handfuls of candy and screaming "happy halloween!"  
7:30 PM:  We drag the kids inside and let them eat more candy.  Madness ensues.  They eventually pass out to the glow of a thousand glow sticks and with full bellies of chocolate, red dye #40, caramel coloring and high fructose corn syrup.  

So magical.

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